With Great Truth & Regard: A Story of the Typewriter in India

Chirodeep Chaudhari, Sidharth Bhatia



The story of the typewriter in India is a story of change and empowerment. It became a symbol of modernity in the workplace and, unwittingly, the typewriter also became an instrument of official power, with the typist standing between citizens and high ranking government officials. Until the 1960s, this story was shaped by manufacturers who used foreign technology and ruled the Indian market – until Godrej decided to persevere against all odds with the design and manufacture of the all-Indian typewriter that would eventually go on to become a market leader. When the last manual typewriter rolled out of the Godrej factory in 2009, there was much reminiscing about the era of typewriters that had come to an end. To bring to life the history of that era, Godrej Archives decided to pay a tribute to the machine and everything it meant to Indian society. With the help of a vast in-house archival collection, as well as anecdotes and stories gathered from across India, Godrej Archives presents to you With Great Truth and Regard, the story of the typewriter in India.